The greatest transformation a presenter can have is by asking the question. “What Kind Of Experience Do I Want To Have With My Audience?”

Elevate Your Team, Magnify Your Results

Group Training can be a magical place where we expand together with fellow participants supporting and cheering for your success. I learned the power of this from acting classes where we wear our heart on our sleeve and take chances and brought this into my group training.

I work with each person 1-1 and when the focus is on another participant I’ll ensure to break down and isolate the things I’m teaching them.  This is a powerful tool, you can model the difference that makes a difference.  You’ll see how a new tool works, why it works, when to use it effectively and how to use it whenever you want.  

You’ll experience that presenting is as much a feeling as it is a doing. When people try and ‘think’ about how they do something they’re often looking at things strategically, at a process, at the steps, they’re too much ‘in their head’. Speaking is so much more than that, especially when it comes to creating a connection with an audience. Firstly we have to connect with that spark within us that ignites when we’re speaking from our Heart. Many Speakers have experienced it… fleeting moments when you have an almost spiritual moment on stage.”

I’ll be helping you to ignite the spark at will, stay connected to it and keep it burning on stage and camera.

I love to see people exploring their own unique Presenter’s Experience and I’m positive that you’ll leave with a whole new appreciation for not only the craft but who you are when using it.

Let’s look at what I Have For You Right Now,

Andrew Eggelton

The Authenticity Frequency :

A Program Designed To Truly Connect A Speaker With Their Audience

This 8 week journey was born from combining 4 elements of a powerful presenter.

  • Connection:  The ability to truly connect with your audience at a level that shifts hearts and minds.  There is no better experience than a deep connection to our audience.


  • Authenticity:  Authenticity is our baseline, not the end goal.  Think of authenticity as an external manifestation of your true inner world.  It’s pure truth, it’s clear energy which is the information your audience receives.


  • Voice:  Turning your voice into a powerful tool. If there’s no contrast in a voice there’s nothing to hear and the  easiest way to elevate yourself above the crowd and use it to create ever changing landscapes.


  • Heart Brain:  When we speak we want a balance of technical (what we already know) and feeling (choosing words that are alive in us.  I’ll be helping you ignite that spark inside and stay connected to it.


At the start of the program participants will be given part of an iconic speech and deliver it on week 1 and 8, this will act as a gauge of their progress. At the end of the journey the speaker will have a level of craft that allows them to bring their own unique style to the read and whenever they speak in the future.

Each week’s theme holds a larger purpose collectively using a single central narrative and in ‘The Authenticity Frequency’, that’s being deeply connected to your audience.