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Experiences enrich the brain more than knowledge and I wish for those who attend ‘The Presenters’ Experience’ to receive skills created over a 30 year career in film, TV and public speaking so they can take their own audience on a meaningful journey.

Connection is the new currency for a speaker and live is where this magic happens.

 It’s here that a Presenter is able to shift the hearts and minds of their audience, choosing how their words are received and thriving in a level of authenticity that perhaps was once only ever imagined.

“This Presenter is building a ‘feeling’, their words are alive in them, not rehearsed or forced, the communication is not a transaction but instead feels like a nuanced delicacy to the audience's senses

10am - 6pm

The Presenters’ Experience

LONDON September 28th & 29th

10am - 6pm

“When we present, just as an artist may paint or a poet may write, sometimes we share moments with god.

Ultimately this is what people want from us. When we understand this we seek the very best skills, for god is only as potent as the tools we supply”

Countdown Expired!

Over 2 day’s in the middle of Mayfair we’re going to go deep into the extraordinary world of the speaker’s craft, the training and tools so you can model the difference that makes the difference.

I’ll work with you using a balanced mix of practical and theory, I’m there in your corner ensuring you make the step from good to great and great to world class.   I’ll show you the beauty of the craft, the subtleties, the nuances, give you unique tools and break things down to make it simple to understand, creating your own unique model to go beyond the words and information you’re sharing’. 

You’ll feel for yourself the transformation into what’s an authentic and deeply connected speaker, free of rules and perhaps everything you may have learned thus far.


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A wonderfully talented client of mine, Andy Coley, winner of TEDX speaker of the year award 2023 said to me, “when people try and ‘think’ about how they do something they’re often looking at things strategically, at a process, at the steps, they’re too much ‘in their head’.  Speaking is so much more than that, especially when it comes to creating a connection with an audience.  Firstly we have to connect with that spark within us that ignites when we’re speaking from our Heart.  Many Speakers have experienced it… fleeting moments when you have an almost spiritual moment on stage.”

I could not have said it better.

I see the modelling process on the day as being a way to break down how you do what you do, discover what blocks a presenter and what’s stopping them from letting go and connecting with that part of them that wants to share their power with the world”.

I will show you on the day how to ignite the spark at will, stay connected to it and keep it burning on stage. Once you’ve experienced this you’ll never go back.

Presenting like this can be described as a Spiritual Experience on stage or camera. To be able to unlock it within yourself so you can use it whenever you want it, whenever you need it.

What is it that makes you different?

That enables you to create meaningful and memorable experiences

That gets you

That enables you to go deeper into your connection with your Audience

That enables you to Stand Out

Venue: The Chesterfield Mayfair 35 Charles Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 5EB

I chose this venue because it’s spacious and flooded with natural daylight and the chandeliers have been gazed up at and used as creative inspiration by prominent actors, musicians, politicians, and writers, inc Grace Kelly and Fay Wray.

The perfect venue for a 1 day ‘The Presenters’ Experience’

The Presenters’ Experience is an opportunity to model from people, such as myself and those I’m work with to discover what makes you, the presenter, special.

Any speaker that attends can guarantee they make a giant shift in the way they present; the level of authenticity and connection they have with their audience and a sense of freedom they’ve never experienced before. 


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Bali Retreat

The Presenters’ Experience, Bali takes place in our favourite retreat venue which has been designed fit for purpose, including luxury accommodation situated in rice fields, beautiful training rooms, exquisite food and a pool to cool off in.

Bali has an energy that has become famous, and The Presenters’ Experience sees people from all over the world attend, including The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, USA, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.  Together, magic is created and those who arrive tend to leave as very different people.

I want you to imagine this experience as expansive, something that’ll be unique in its approach and hard to put into words as each day you’re taken deeper into creating an experience for your Audience, putting yourself in charge of how you want them to receive your words, cultivating a sensitivity as to what Authenticity truly means and how to touch the hearts and minds of those you Present to.

Whether you’re speaking from stage, pitching in a board room or running your own events, The Presenters’ Experience, Bali, will forever change your approach.

While some Presenters become good, some also become Great and then there’s a unique few who have a desire to push the boundaries and become something truly special.

This is for you, it’s your time !

What’s Included:

Your Time with us at ‘The Presenters’ Experience Bali, is all inclusive *Excluding Alcohol

  • 1 Day Training with Andrew Eggelton
  • All Meals + breakfast on check out day
  • Airport Transfers to and from the Villas
  • Welcome Dinner & Entertainment
  • Final Night Celebration Event
  • 60 minute Massage on-site, The Floating Massage Room
  • Waterfall Experience
  • Temple Experience
  • Village Walk Experience
  • Commune Beach Club Evening
  • Daily Exercise: Yoga/Beach Walk/ Village Walk (Optional)
  • Wealth Dynamics Assessment Token

What’s NOT Included:

  • Airfare to get here
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Lunch
  • Travel Insurance (Medical + Travel)

About Andrew Eggelton

Andrew Eggelton is the world’s leading authority on Authentic Presenting.

He’s the creator and visionary behind ‘The Eggelton Presenting Method™, a style of Presenting that re-invents the Speakers Experience, elevating it beyond the tropes of old school copy and paste into a deeper, more spiritual experience. “WHEN WE PRESENT FROM THE HEART BRAIN WE’RE GIVING OURSELVES THE BEST POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY FOR GOD TO WORK THROUGH US, AND THIS, ESSENTIALLY, IS WHAT PEOPLE ARE PAYING TO SEE, AND THEN COMES THE CRAFT, THE FINEST TOOLS LAYERED SO DEEP THEY BECOME AUTOMATIC…FOR GOD IS ONLY AS POTENT AS THE TOOLS WE SUPPLY”

Andrew wants to see his speakers take the audience on an emotional experience, for them to see the purity of the Presenters internal world manifest both verbally and energetically on the outside, to draw them in and forever influence their hearts and minds.


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What clients have to say

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