The greatest transformation a presenter can make is by asking the question,

'What kind of experience do I want to have with my Audience?'

Is it feeling deeply connected to your audience so it feels like an invisible dance?

Perhaps it’s to be seen as the real you, authentic without the need to perform, closing the gap between who you really are and who you’re being seen as.

It’s likely you need tools that allow you to take ownership of the journey you take your audience on, to feel like you’re the conductor of the experience.

I understand that for most presenters and this is probably true of any craft or sport, you want the way it looks and feels in your head and heart to be how it actually looks and feels when doing it.  I might articulate that by saying, you want your talent to match your ambition.


Being truly authentic and deeply connecting to their audience are 2 things I believe any presenter wants more than any other, for without these our work is merely transactional.  Authenticity gives the audience permission to be the same and that as we know is where the real magic happens.

My mentoring may be the opposite of what others are doing but it’s with 30 years of experience that I’ve learned the artist’s role is to stand out and that can’t be done by using a cookie cutter approach.  Your energy is the information your audience receives from you so we want your work to be an external expression of your true internal world.

I’ll admit I wasn’t naturally talented but I was passionate and the desire to be authentic has always been a common thread in my work.  I studied in LA, London, Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland and pursued my vision of being a professional Speaker, TV Presenter and Actor with everything I had until it became my full time career.  

I slept in the boot of my car so I could afford lessons, I crashed and burned on so many stages, LIVE TV and Film sets so others, like you perhaps, don’t have to.  Although, these do make entertaining stories now.

I have a gift for seeing what a presenter needs to keep moving forward and that gift was crafted over this period of failure and success, working out my own style to fit the experiences I wanted to curate.

I like to think outside the box when working with people. I’ve used the assistance of the Cello to help a presenter hear their voice amplified beyond their current capabilities and horses (equine assisted training) to help teach what true authenticity feels like.

Whether on stage, to camera, in the boardroom, pitching your Ideas and the ability to connect and shift the hearts and minds of people while remaining authentic is what has been the constant driver. Whether you’re advanced and wanting nuanced training to curate a deeper, more engaging experience or perhaps learning how to occupy space and not surrender it, I want to be in your corner and match your talent to your ambition.

Timeline of craft & wild adventure

The USA Dream Team (1992)

What started as a fresh out of school trip to see the USA Dream team play at the Olympics turned into life as a professional rugby player after overhearing a conversation the team had lost a key player to injury. 

The start of a 30 year career (1994 - 1997)

Back home in Christchurch, New Zealand I was introduced to an agent and began a decades long career in modeling.  A small role in the Peter Jackson film, Frighteners with Michael J Fox was my intro to acting, then the lead in a German Beer TVC, even though I wasn’t invited to audition.  I waited in that audition room all day until there was nobody left and they finally gave me a shot.  I was hooked.

No Plan B, TV & stars (1998 - 2000)

With a move North the opportunities came fast.  With limited craft but a fearless approach I landed roles in prime time soaps and series inc Young Hercules as Ryan Gosling’s sidekick.  During this time I slept in the trunk of my car so I could afford acting lessons.

Reality TV Show winner (2001)

While taking time out to reconnect with my roots, play golf and drink guiness, I won Cleo Bachelor of the year.  This opened the door to many wonderful opportunities and I wrapped things up in the TV2 Celebrity Xmas special.  I became fascinated with authenticity around this time and what ‘just be you’ meant.  I concluded that I would rather have mastery than celebrity. 

TV series ‘A Working Holiday’ (2006)

A career highlight as a film crew followed my every move in Cambodia coaching the national rugby.  It’s here  I learned to present in a style that closed the gap between who I really was and who I was being seen as and it felt good.  2006 was where my talent was finally catching up with my ambition.

Winning and the art of preparation (2007 - 2011)

From lead roles on prime time dramas, hosting reality TV shows, speaking gigs with my idols and flying around the world to train with renowned presenting and acting coaches, this era was as fruitful as it was intense.  I learned to ‘win’ and developed the art of preparation.

Bali and the pursuit of authenticity (2011 - 2016)

Periods of my life have been dedicated to trying new things and reconnecting.  Bali was the happiest time.  From creating a clothing and sculpture label, flying to NZ and Singapore regularly for shoots, it seemed the less I tried the more things happened.  

It was here the answer to  ‘Just Be You’ was discovered.

Writing Fairy Tales in Transylvania (2016)

I had this nagging idea that I needed to live in a cabin overlooking Count Dracula’s castle in Romania and write fairy tales.  So I did. 

An International speaking business (2017 - present))

With a new fire inside it was time to take my experience to the world and share insights with other presenters I knew were not being taught.  I wanted for presenters to experience a level of authenticity that had mostly been missing.

I moved to Australia, built a speaking business with events and retreats in Australia, NZ, USA, Bali, Portugal, Austria and UK and toured constantly. 

Mastery (2018)

October this year I experienced Claircognizance (A deep knowing).  I realized I knew nothing, that the pursuit of the craft of Presenting was endless and this was the beginning of mastery.

Horses (2022 )

Although I had started this in 2020, it was this year I began adding horses to some of my longer format teachings of authenticity, and there seemed no better place to begin than in Texas, USA.  Award winning TED talk coach,

It was here the answer to  ‘Just Be You’ was discovered.

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This Presenter is building a ‘feeling’, their words are alive in them, not rehearsed or forced, the communication is not a transaction but instead feels like a nuanced delicacy to the audience's senses.

Andrew Eggelton