Elevate Your Team, Magnify Your Results

My intention is to find the most effortless and authentic version of you, transitioning you to a space beyond your current capabilities that speech alone cannot portray.

Andrew Eggelton

I wonder what’s possible when I’m in your corner?

How we share our wisdom or knowledge needs to be authentic and clear.

After all, our clients and our people are buying certainty from someone they need to trust.

Being able to Present Authentically allows a deeper level of connection which develops trust and more meaningful relationships.

Someone who’s trustworthy does not need to project that they’re trustworthy, just as someone who is likable does not need to project likable, but every day we lose business and trust because we’re mostly transactional in our interactions.


Projecting is a word I use when a speaker tries to be who they think their audience wants them to be and misses the opportunity to connect, engage and build long lasting, meaningful relationships.

The speaker will feel disconnected from themselves and this affects how they express through thoughts and words.  The more of a character we play, the less the connection we have to ourselves and with those around us and the reality is being authentic should be the easiest thing in the word to do but it’s not because society conditions us otherwise.  Authenticity is absolutely key in leading people, assertiveness, dealing with difficult conversations, sales and building trust with clients.

Let's make great team together

Don’t feel engaging or lose the room too often
Not articulating ideas well and struggling to communicate clearly under pressure
Speaking too much, repeating themselves, especially for higher ticket items
Technical and data driven people struggling to present their ideas to big picture people
Avoiding confrontation and lacking the skills to have tough conversations
Self-conscious on video
Struggle to build meaningful relationships internally and with clients
Losing business when you know you should be winning it
Don’t feel connected to who they’re speaking to

How Do I Achieve My Results?

With 30 years of studying and understanding effective communication it’s not a matter of if I can make a difference, but instead, how much of a difference can I make  to an individual or team’s needs.   Whether it be in person or via Zoom, how people learn can vary depending on their own learning style.

Companies I’ve worked with

A Few Past Speaking Engagements:

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Mastercard All Blacks Road Show - New Zealand
Yak Magazine Awards - Indonesia
Limitless Abundance Movement - Perth
Brand Retreat - Austria
Arbonne Annual Australian Convention
Speakers, Authors & Coaches Summit - Los Angeles
Footlocker Asia Pacific Conference